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Our Story

We have been developing a vision system since 2011. The system we developed is being used to manufacture automobiles, semiconductors, electronics, batteries, and food.

So far, about 1,000 inspection systems have been used by customers.

We are focusing on deep learning vision inspectors for more accurate and easy testing for coustomers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable people to apply deep learning to anywhere through our easy-to-use software.

No matter who the users are and what kind of systems they use, our product will most definitely solve any problem.

Our Customer

Automotive parts manufacturer.

Electric vehicle battery manufacturer.

A food manufacturer.

A logistics company.

Electronics manufacturer.

Moresystem is a group of computer vision and deep learning experts in the field of deep learning. 

We believe that innovation will improve the quality of life.

Moresystem enables people to apply deep learning vision technology wherever they want. 

We want to create easy software. 

Interpret various images regardless of user expertise, industry, or system environment 

We're trying to help solve the problem.

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