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Total Vision Solution
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What is a Vision System?

A vision system combines industrial cameras, lenses, and lighting to automate visual inspections of manufactured products.

Moresystem vision systems are controller based, which enables them to be the fastest and most versatile systems on the market.

Vision systems can be used in a wide range of applications, such as defect detection, assembly checks, character and code reading, and positioning for industrial robots.

Vision system principles and mechanisms

Vision systems can be customized to fit specific application needs, and each system generally consists of a camera, lights, and a controller

(image processing unit).

This section introduces principles of using a vision system for inspections and explains the process from the beginning of capturing an image to the end of outputting inspection results.

1. Image capturing

To capture an image, light illuminates a target, and this light is focused back through a lens onto the camera’s image sensor.

The gathered image data from this capture is then transferred to the vision controller for image processing and judgement.

2. Pre-processing

Pre-processing operations remove unwanted/noisy qualities while emphasizing wanted features in the image data before analyzing the images.

These operations are customized for the inspection, and examples include image filtering and color extraction.


3. Measurement processing

After an image has been pre-processed, inspections like measurement, positioning, counting, OCR/code reading, and defect detection can take place.


4. Sorting/Output

Processed image data is used to perform OK/NG judgment, record measured results, or categorize parts. Both images and data output,

and communication with other devices can be established.

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